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Wilby Wonderful - Post-Wilby Wonderful interview


Stage Door by Roger Kershaw and Jim Lingerfelt - Shakespeare's Hamlet

Detroit Free Press by Martin F Kohn - Theater dollar goes a long way

London Free Press by Ian Gillespie - Tracking down the Dane

Men With Brooms

Men With Brooms poster

Mary Kelch's review of Men With Brooms

Tribute by Bonnie Laufer - Interview with Paul Gross

Crescent Blues - Paul Gross: Comedy Canadian Style

Rotten Tomatoes - Men With Brooms (2002)

Talking Pictures by Jen Johnston - Men With Brooms review

Tribute by Deena Waisberg - Swept up

BBC - Curling hits Canada's big screen

Playback by Samantha Yaffe - Men With Brooms gives curling a boost

due South

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Toronto Life by Ellen Vanstone - Southern Exposure

Gross and Keeley

Gross and Keeley

Lorna Stevenson's review of Two Houses

Crescent Blues review of Songs of Love and Carnage

Vue Weekly by Dave Johnston - Houses in Motion

The Gateway by Neil Parmar - Everybody's favourite TV Mountie returns to Edmonton with a song

Mary Beth Brown's review of Give The Dog A Bone (limited edition precursor to Songs of Love and Carnage)